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Jack Magic Entertainment’s mission is simple… to provide the best possible entertainment tailored to your event, maximizing both guest impact and YOUR vision.
At the end of the day… our expectation is nothing less than EPIC!

Jack Magic Entertainment started in 2007, just after Katrina. Though, its owner, John Schnauder, is by no means new to the mobile entertainment industry. Jack Magic Entertainment is the third of his entertainment companies spanning over 35 years professionally.
John started in music clubs in the early 80’s at 17 working dance floor lighting for some of the biggest New Orleans’ nightclubs. He quickly moved to the DJ slot and there found his passion for music. Through these years he also found his voice as an emcee which has led to several voice-over credits to his name.
In 1985, John’s first company, Rent-A-Jock, played the fraternity/sorority party circuit at Loyola and Tulane University for many years. Every Friday or Saturday, you could probably hear his mix somewhere on Broadway back in the day!
1998, John started his second company, M & M Entertainment, where he started focusing on weddings and the various wedding formats. He immersed himself in the industry, learning everything he could and very quickly moved to the top of many venues’ “preferred vendor” lists. With hard work comes more work. M & M Entertainment grew to a multi-DJ business, playing weddings, corporate, school and private events.
August 29, 2005 – Two words, “Hurricane Katrina”. The Gulf Coast, New Orleans and its people survived. Unfortunately, M & M Entertainment did not.
In 2007, after a year of rebuilding his home and neighborhood from Katrina, John started Jack Magic Entertainment. Considering his experiences and lessons learned from his previous businesses, Jack Magic Entertainment has been built on a foundation of knowledge and real-world experience that has far exceeded his own expectations. Jack Magic Entertainment is also back on many venues’ “preferred vendor” list today.
John and Susie, his girlfriend of 4 years, were married September 2016 in Florida. Susie came on board with Jack Magic Entertainment three years ago and runs all the back office and social media aspects of the company.

John and Susie understand how important your event is and are commented to providing only the best possible services for your entertainment budget.

Jack Magic Entertainment has been in the entertainment industry for over 30 years, find out what we have to offer today!

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